Kalimba Finger Piano Painted Coconut Shell Thumb Piano

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Kalimba 7 Key Finger Piano Painted Coconut Shell Thumb Piano


- Made from a hand polished coconut shell

- Unique hand painted pattern

-  Piano size varies due to the individual coconuts size of the piano, they are NOT factory produced

- The sound comes from plucking the metal keys with your thumb nails

- The Kalimba can be tuned by adjusting the length of the keys and the tension of the adjustment screws

- Perfect size to take to a beach party, picnic or family gathering



Key: 7 Key 

Material: Coconut Shell

Pattern: Every piano has a different pattern. They are unique.(Sent randomly)

Size: (Approx)13.7*14.5cm


How to use:

The main function of  thumb piano is used for accompaniment.

When it is played, you should hold the main body with two hands, and then use both thumbs to play it.

When the thumb presses and releases the piano, the steel slice will reverberate.

There are several you tube videos available for instruction

Package included:

1 x 7 Key Finger piano

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